Abnobyl was formed to mean "away" or "apart" from the historical and aristocratic meaning of the word noble. Abnobyl represents those that are driven and self made.

The Abnobyl are self-actualizers, who through any obstacles and hardships, prove to be unstoppable in accomplishing all they set out to do.

While self-actualization is not a new concept, Abnobyl is committed to embodying the idea in an unprecedented way, through our culture, our people, and our products.



Abnobyl was founded in 2019 by Robert Staes II and Dr. Emanuel Staes. The two brothers are native New Orleanians but have lived in all different regions of the United States.  They have five degrees between them, including degrees in rehabilitation counseling, engineering, nursing, nurse anesthesia, and dentistry.

Robert and Emanuel have always been close observers and enthusiasts of the fashion industry. In January of 2018 the brothers humbly committed to utilizing their life experiences and education background to enter the fashion arena. The idea of Abnobyl was influenced by a combination of their passion for clothing and branding, their love for city living, their growth and experiences as working professionals in various fields, and their belief that they have something extraordinary to bring to the fashion world.

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